May 2, 2007

Greetings from Paris everyone! I arrived without any problems and I am so thrilled to be here! This blog is intended to give you brief updates on how my trip is going. I plan to give you the highlights, but feel free to go to the flickr link for a more extended photo collection.

I woke up to the most fabulous sun-drenched morning. I can’t believe how gorgeous this city is! It seems that everywhere I turn is a picture postcard. I spent today exploring the boulangeries in my neighborhood – which is the 7th arrondissement. For those not familiar with Paris it is located in the Left Bank, and includes the Eiffel Tower, the Hotel des Invalides (below), and many gorgeous buildings with thriving local businesses.


Some of the most impressive boulangeries today included Secco, but is known for its famous former owner Poujauran. I could take photos of the outside of the shop (below), but they wouldn’t allow me to photograph inside – which was really disappointing because the bakery is adorable and the offer a splendid array of breads and pastries. This business saw non-stop customers – people clearly love it.


I bought the mother lode, however, so you can get a sense of what they had to offer. From clockwise, pain napoleon, figues noix, mini complet, seigle apricot, and bricohe with candied orange and raisins. My favorites out of these were the fig noix – its a really dense flavorful dark bread, and the brioche with orange was delicious too.


I also purchased a flute 7 cereales, which was great – it had an abundance of poppy seed which was unexpected – and it had a really nice crust. (below)


Another highlight of the day was Boulangerie Julien, a very busy boulangerie located about one block from Secc0/Poujauran. This establish was much more picture friendly – so you will get a better idea of what they had to offer.


Le Moulin de la Vierge, owned by the famous Basil Kamir, has a location in my neighborhood. The pastries are absolutely gorgeous (refer to flickr for more photos), and while they did not have an extensive selection of bread (I guess the wrong time of day), what they had looked great. I’m headed there tomorrow to get a better look.


This by no means covers everything, but I hope it gives you an inkling of what the boulangeries are like. It’s really incredible how many there are, you can’t walk a block without bumping into one. Certainly not all are great, but everyone seems to have one thing different to offer – at least to my eyes. There are a wide variety of shaping techniques, and I have a list of names of breads that I have never heard of before.

Write to you tomorrow!


3 responses to “May 2, 2007

  1. Mmmmm…..bread.

  2. hey rosie, i m glad u made it.
    nice beginning,keep up the good work,u know it will pay off anyway.
    miss u.

    ps. don t forget picasso`s museum between two boulangeries.

  3. Hi Rosie! I’m glad that you’re enjoying your time in Paris. The descriptions and photos of the bakeries are great. I know that it’s a lot of work for you to document all of this, and I appreciate it because I’m getting a lot out of it, too. Thanks for doing such a good job.

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